A quality education begins -but never ends- in the classroom. This holistic way of viewing education prepares children for all aspects of their future. We support our students in mind, body, and spirit by providing extra programs that promote growth and development in all areas.

Our extracurricular offerings build upon the values of living, loving, and learning that begin in the classroom. These programs offer students the opportunity to develop deeper relationships with each other based on mutual respect — all while doing an activity that they love!

Even if students aren’t involved in after-school activities, we provide childcare at the end of the school day (Extended Care Program). Parents have the peace of mind knowing that their children are in a safe, supervised environment until they are able to pick them up. Students have fun doing various activities and are given the stability they need.

Our athletics and lunch programs promote good physical health and nutrition in our students. Our meal service provides healthy lunch choices for our students. With the proper nutrients, their bodies can grow strong and their minds will remain sharp. Through after-school athletics, students continue the active, healthy lifestyle that begins in Physical Education classes.

Extended Care Program