October 2019 Lunch Menu
November 2019 Lunch Menu

Healthy minds need healthy bodies. Without proper nutrition, students cannot learn and achieve to their full potential. Through the lunch program at Divine Mercy, we are teaching students the importance and value of good nutrition and a balanced diet.

Our meal service focuses on providing healthy and delicious options for all students at school.

A healthy school lunch has unlimited benefits for students – for example: they are able to focus better in the classroom, they have a lesser chance of becoming obese, and they are less likely to struggle with hunger or food scarcity. Obesity is the fastest growing public health issue in the country; by providing healthy lunches, we are actively trying to end childhood obesity within a generation.

In order to ensure that all students have access to healthy food, Divine Mercy offers enrollment in the free and reduced National School Lunch Program. This federally-assisted program has been delivering nutritionally-balanced, low-cost options for students for the past 70 years — and we’re proud to offer it as a budget-conscious alternative for our families. To see if your student is eligible to take part in this program, applications and further assistance are available in the school office or review School Lunch Program Application.

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