Divine Mercy School adheres to a dress code in order to instill  pride in one’s appearance, to help maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning, to lessen style-centered competition, and to de-emphasize materialistic values.

             Any violation of the uniform policy will result in the student’s parent/guardian being notified and asked to bring uniform clothes to school. Students who are in violation of the dress code will result in non-participation in the next out-of-uniform day.  A second violation of the code will result in non-participation for the remainder of the school years out of uniform days.  If a student continues to violate the uniform policy, a parent meeting will be required to address the issue with the possibility of probation.  

  • White, navy blue, or red knit polo shirt with collar (long or short sleeves)
  • All tops must be neat and appropriate in size.  Tops may provide for growth, but baggy and excessively long tops are not allowed.
  • Uniform pants or corduroy dress pants may be worn in navy blue or black. All pants are to be in a dress style, made from khaki, twill or polyester.  Pants can not be made from denim, jegging material, or knit. Sweatpants or cargo pants are not allowed.   
  • Navy blue or black uniform shorts may be worn during the months of August, September, May, and June.  If the weather continues to stay warm beyond September, the “shorts” season may be extended to October 15th.
  •  White long- sleeve undershirts may be worn underneath the short-sleeved uniform shirts from October 1st- May 1st 
  • School uniform sweatshirt in navy blue with Divine Mercy or Wildcats logo may be worn over polo shirts (NO athletic hoodies).  The Augusta Medalist track jacket may be worn over polo shirts.  
  • Cardigan, v-neck, or crew neck sweater in navy blue or white may be worn over polo shirt
  • Socks may be red, white, navy or black.  Socks should be ankle length and visible above the shoe.
  • Comfortable, safe shoes; a gym or athletic style shoe is best (NO  Crocs, open backs, sandals, flip flops, short or tall fashion/dress boots, or heels)
    • Hamilton plaid jumper, skort, or box-pleated skirt (length may not be more than 2 inches above the knee)
    • Navy blue skort and  jumper
    • Shorts worn at any time under the uniform jumper or skirt may not show or be longer than the uniform.
    • Any pants worn under the uniform skirt during recess must be removed when returning to class.
    • Exercise-type leggings under the uniform, or in place of dress pants, are not allowed.
    • Solid red, white, navy, or black ankle socks, knee-highs, or tights are permissible.
    • Clothing is to be neat, clean, and in good condition.
    • Uniform shirts must be tucked in at all times.  
    • Any clothing that is likely to be removed at school should be labeled with the child’s name to save confusion and to help facilitate the return of lost items.
    • Make-up is not to be worn. 
    • No artificial nails
    • Hair should be clean and worn in an acceptable hairstyle.  In general, an “acceptable” hairstyle is neat, does not draw undue focus on the student, and does not interfere with the learning process.  Hair color must be natural. No peek-a-boo color, highlights or dyed hair allowed (this includes temporary colors). Headbands must be red, blue, white or Hamilton plaid.  Accessory headbands are not permitted (eg. unicorn horns, cat ears)
    • Earrings (no more than 2 per ear lobe) must be non-dangling in style.  Fashion necklaces, bracelets or rings are not permitted. A simple cross may be worn.  
    • During the winter, boots should not be worn during the school day.  A change of shoes must be brought to school.
    • No temporary tattoos 
    • All of the above guidelines apply on uniform and non-uniform days.
    • Students in Grades 5 through 8 will bring a change of clothing for Physical Education class.
    • Students must wear black/navy shorts that are the same length as uniform shorts, or sweatpants and a t-shirts/sweatshirts.
    • Students  may not share their clothes with others.  The clothing used for Physical Education class should be labeled with the child’s name.
    • Students  are strongly encourage to bring non-aerosol deodorant for application after gym class.  
    • Students who forget their gym clothes will not participate in Physical Education class.
    • It is recommended that children who wear glasses wear glass protectors or bands to keep them in place during activities.
    • The Dress Code for Physical Education classes will be closely monitored to determine if students are following the rules.
    • Children in all grades must wear athletic shoes (as stated in the General Uniform Policy) as a protective measure.  Children will not be permitted to participate in Physical Education class in stocking feet. This is dangerous and poses a safety problem.

On all designated “out-of-uniform” days, the following guidelines apply:

    • Students may wear school appropriate clothing.
    • Shirts must have a sleeve. No tank tops, tank dresses or peek-a-boo shoulders. 
    • Shorts must be as long as uniform shorts (mid-thigh length).
    • No leggings/yoga pants/sweatpants/jeggings.
    • Specific clothing options for these days will always be sent home in advance. 
    • Crude or violent logo clothing or backpacks are not permitted
    • On occasion, “out-of-uniform days” will be used as fundraisers for various causes.
    • Students will be allowed to dress down for their birthday or half birthday. If it is a Mass day, students may dress down the day previous or following.  
    • Out of uniform passes can only be used on Mondays and Fridays.  No exceptions.
    • Spirit Days will be the first Monday of every month.  Spirit wear includes t-shirts, sweatshirts (hoodies acceptable), team uniforms, or items that contain the Divine Mercy Logo are acceptable.  Students may also wear clothing that is red, black or white.
  • On pre-approved “Scout” days, an official scout top may be worn with a regular uniform bottom (navy pants/shorts or skirt)

**Extremely short shorts/skirts/dresses (more than 2” above the knee), halter-tops, tank tops/spaghetti strap tops, shirts with rude or suggestive expressions, rock groups/singers, alcoholic labels, jeans with holes and frayed hems, are examples of inappropriate clothing.  Students who wear inappropriate clothing on out-of-uniform days will be asked to call home immediately for a change of clothes and considered in violation of the uniform policy. **

Uniforms may be purchased at any major department store including, but not limited to:
Target, Walmart, Kohl’s, JCPenney & Old Navy