Divine Mercy School values a challenging curriculum based on faith, values, and high academic expectations. Our model is designed to promote the growth and development of the whole child – mind, body, and spirit. To do so, our teachers guide students to master basic academic skills, explore creative inquiry and expression, and look for ways to integrate Christian values into their daily lives.

Here at Divine Mercy, we pride ourselves on teaching beyond the Common Core. Our students are not only prepared for further academic exploration, but are grounded in the foundation of sound Catholic character and faith. This combination of classroom instruction and external support prepares our students for their entire lives, rather than just showing them how to ace a standardized test.

Our foundational curriculum includes the following subjects: Religion, Reading, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. The Catholic faith is an integral part of the students’ lives. Together with staff, they have a unique opportunity to build a strong Catholic character, strengthen their faith, as well as to develop the attitudes, knowledge and skills necessary for responsible moral decision-making. Beyond our foundational curriculum, we expand our students’ minds through classes in “specials,” including Art, Music, Physical Education, Computer Education, and Spanish (Grades 3-8).

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Students are active participants in their education at Divine Mercy. Teachers guide them in the process of setting individual goals based on each student’s strengths. Once goals have been set, our teachers develop plans for students to succeed and excel while taking into account their individual learning styles — and then put these plans into action in dynamic, multimedia classrooms.

If a child needs tutoring, it’s available. Contact the School Office for more information on tutoring.

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